Carlos Sainz “I tried not to believe the offer from Ferrari F1″[]

Carlos Sainz, who has been Ferrari’s F1 driver since 2021, said that when he was first offered, he went into negotiations “without believing too much” assuming he was negotiating with many drivers.

Ferrari announced in May last year that it had signed a two-year contract with Carlos Sainz from 2021 to replace four-time F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

Carlos Sainz has been one of F1’s midfield outstanding performers over the past two seasons, winning two podiums and contributing to McLaren’s third place in last year’s championship.

Carlos Sainz visited the Ferrari F1 factory in Maranello last Friday and completed his first simulator run.

Carlos Sainz, who overcame Ferrari’s first offer, said he didn’t believe much, assuming the team would talk to many drivers.

“I think you can imagine, but when I first contacted him, I didn’t really believe it and went into negotiations,” said Carlos Sainz.

“I think they must be talking to all the drivers, so I was trying to be very relaxed about it. I was always trying to focus on the present.”

“But I didn’t do anything during the lockdown. I didn’t think much, so I became a little more interested and a little more enthusiastic.”

“Suddenly everything started to happen very quickly during that period.”

Carlos Sainz was appointed as his successor only 48 hours after Sebastian Vettel’s departure from Ferrari was confirmed. All of this was done before the postponed 2020 season began.

Carlos Sainz was tense with a wave of questions and scrutiny when the new season began following Ferrari’s announcement, but praised McLaren for handling the situation to avoid increased pressure.

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“I know what happens when I sign Ferrari. It gets the attention of all the media,” said Carlos Sainz.

“I was in the middle of a lockdown. I knew that when I entered Austria, many questions would be asked.”

“It’s a time of great media attention, especially in Spain. I think a year or two ago many people in Spain didn’t expect Carlos Sainz to be part of Ferrari. The attention was pretty big. “

“But it soon disappeared. We worked with McLaren to make sure that many stories weren’t unfolding, just focusing on the present.”

“We didn’t want the story to be generated and wanted to focus on a very important year. I think it really worked.”

“My relationship with McLaren has always been very open and relaxed, so I never felt a lot of pressure or weight on my shoulders.”

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