Carlos Ponce assures that he was with La Chilindrina and sent her photos in a bikini

The actor Carlos Ponce, 48 years old and originally from Puerto Rico, caused controversy, after ensuring that maintained a relationship with La Chilindrina and even sent her photos in a bathing suit.

It was in a video that the actor from “Silvana sin Lana”, “Only for couples” and “Santa Diabla” He assured that he maintained “a very beautiful relationship” with the actress Marie Antoinette de las Nieves, 70 years old.

I do not understand what happened or why he is denying it now, because I did have a very beautiful relationship with María Antonieta de Las Nieves, La Chilindrina.

“Until very recently he sent me photos in a bathing suit, of your vacation, I felt that he missed me“, said the actor about the actress who said she will not pose in a bathing suit again.

Ponce assured that it is not an obsession of an immature child:

“It’s a reality and I don’t care what people say, I lived it“, assured Ponce.

In the video, Ponce showed moments where, supposedly, he can be seen with María Antonieta de Las Nieves, as well as some photos of La Chilindrina during their supposed romance or relationship.

Despite the statements and showing photos of La Chilindrina in a swimsuit, many people could not identify if it was a joke or if he was serious.

Here we leave you the video in which the actor Carlos Ponce assured that he had a relationship with La Chilindrina and that she even sent him photos in a bathing suit, tell us what you think.


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