Carlos Iturgaiz bet by adding a Vox to the coalition PP+C: “Santiago Abascal is a wonderful person” | Policy

Carlos Iturgaiz, appointed by Paul Married to lead the electoral coalition of the PP and Citizens in the Basque country, has explained this morning on the RADIO that the PP leader told him that he had decided that Alfonso Alonso not lideraría that coalition, that is to say, that was a personal decision and not “mutual agreement” as it has been holding Genoa. Iturgaiz has told, that in the call of being Married, which occurred on Sunday afternoon, he said “the national leadership” had decided that Alonso was “not to go forward as a candidate to lehendakari”.

Iturgaiz is also ready to reach out to Vox. The candidate of the PP +Cs lehendakari has opted for “joining forces” because “in Spain we are in a political moment that serious” because of that “there is a government fasciocomunista he wants to break the unity of Spain”. “The political enemy we are facing, coming to destroy everything that we have done for centuries, among the basques, the catalans, andalusians, galicians…”.

“A state of national emergency”

Iturgaiz has also ensured that in in these times “there is a state of national emergency”, the coalition PP-Citizens is “the only reference constitutionalist national” and has confident that this coalition “will hold” and that you can add to Vox to that project. The candidate of the PP+Cs has made an appeal to “vote useful” of the supporters of the party of the extreme right to support his candidacy.

About Abascal: “he Is a wonderful person”

It has been assured to maintain a “fantastic relationship” with the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascalbecause “it’s a wonderful person”, and he remembered that he was the president of New Generations of the Basque Country when he was its president. As indicated, there are “differences between PP, Cs, and Vox on issues of regional and european”, but there are approaches that are “very close”, as seen in the coalition that governs in Andalusia.

The PP closed ranks around Iturgaiz

The vice-secretary of Communication of the PP, Pablo Montesinoshas asked this Monday to “all” the Popular Party “to row together in the same direction” following the appointment of Carlos Iturgaiz as the candidate of the coalition PP+Cs to the elections in basque in the next 5 April. The section, Alfonso Alonso, he had expressed his rejection to the terms of the agreement signed between ‘popular’ and oranges the Friday to participate in the coalition. The environment of Alonso had been qualified as “unaffordable” job-out agreed with Citizens.

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Montesinos asks “all” the PP “rowing together” with Iturgaiz.

Montesinos has expressed the “gratitude of all the PP” to Carlos Iturgaiz, a “person courageous and generous” that, as has been stressed, “gives a step to the front in defence of constitutionalism and defence of the general interest”. “And from there, with Carlos Iturgaiz to the front as candidate for the PP in the Basque Country, all the PP we are going to paddle together in the same direction because we play a lot,” said Montesinos after attending the informative breakfast.

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