Carlos Acutis is Beato: “Today the sky is closer”

“We grant that the Venerable Servant of God Carlos Acutis, a layman, who, with the enthusiasm of his youth, cultivated friendship with the Lord Jesus, from now on be called Blessed and that he be celebrated every year on October 12, the day of his birth. to heaven ”: this was the formula read by Cardinal Vallini, who presided at the beatification mass of Carlos Acutis.


Not even the pandemic and its restrictions were able to overshadow one of the most anticipated ecclesial events this year: the beatification of Carlos Acutis.

The upper Basilica of San Francisco, in Assisi, could contain a few hundred people, but the mass was followed live on screens installed outside the church and by millions of believers worldwide through social networks.

At the beginning, in the presence of the parents – Andrea and Antonia – and two brothers of the young man, a brief biography of the new Blessed was read and the President of the celebration and Pontifical Representative – Cardinal-Vicar of the Pope for the Diocese of Rome, Agostino Vallini – read Pope Francis’ letter with the beatification formula:

“We grant that the Venerable Servant of God Carlo Acutis, a layman, who, with the enthusiasm of his youth, cultivated friendship with the Lord Jesus, placing the Eucharist and the witness of charity at the center of his own life, from now on be called Blessed and that it be celebrated every year in the places and according to the rules established by the law, on October 12th, the day of his birth in heaven. ”

Prayer and mission

Then, under warm applause, the image of the blessed was revealed, while a relic was carried in procession to the altar.

In his homily, Cardinal Vallini reflected on the moments of a short but intense existence.

“The question spontaneously arises: what was special about this young man, just fifteen years old? He had a gift for attracting and was seen as an example. Since he was a child, he felt the need for faith and had his eyes turned to Jesus “, said the cardinal.

Jesus was a friend, teacher and savior to him, he was the strength of his life and the purpose of everything he did, including on the internet.

“Prayer and mission: these are the two distinctive features of Blessed Carlos Acutis’s heroic faith, which in the course of his brief life led him to entrust himself to the Lord in all circumstances, especially in the most difficult moments.”

The new Blessed also represents a model of strength, oblivious to any form of pacts, aware that, in order to remain in the love of Jesus, it is necessary to live the Gospel in a concrete way (cf. Jn 15:10), even at the cost of going against the tide.

His life is a model particularly for young people, not only to find gratification in ephemeral successes, but in the perennial values ​​that Jesus suggests in the Gospel.

“Acutis testified that faith does not take us away from life, but dives us more deeply into it, showing us the concrete way to live the joy of the Gospel. It is up to us to follow it, attracted by the fascinating experience of Blessed Carlos, so that our life may shine with light and hope “, concluded the cardinal.

Today the sky is closer

Archbishop of Assisi-Nocera Umbra – Gualdo, Dom Domenico Sorrentino, took the floor at the end of the Mass for a series of thanks and stated:

“Today the sky is closer. That Eucharistic “road” that Carlos loved to travel quickly to reach Heaven, today he traveled in the opposite direction to return to us with the radiant face of bliss, and to do it, also through the worship of the Church, our intercessor and our model of life. ”

Announcement of an International Award

His remains rest in the Shrine of Despojamento, where young Francisco expressed in the arms of Bishop Guido the radical nature of his choice of God.

In this sanctuary, said Don Sorrentino, “for a special purpose of Providence, Francisco and Carlo are now inseparable”.

The archbishop then announced a “charity initiative that aims to stimulate the renewal of the economy itself”.

“The ‘Francisco de Assis and Carlos Acutis International Prize for a Fraternity Economy’ starts today. It is our first, small but generous response to the Encyclical ‘Fratelli tutti’ that Pope Francis signed exactly a week ago in this place for free. . ”


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