“Carla Fracci? They didn’t want us to meet”, trembling voice and tears in the studio – Libero Quotidiano

In the May 30 episode of Sunday In he absolutely could not miss the homage to Carla Fracci, passed away a few days ago in Milan at the age of 84. Mara Venier he really struggled to hold back the emotion: with the trembling voice and a beginning of tears in the eyes revealed how the great friendship that bound her to the iconic Étoile was born and also some anecdotes from the past. The host of Rai1 and Carla Fracci used to spend their summer holidays on the island of Ischia, both guests of some mutual friends.

According to which there were insurmountable character differences between the two, to the point of advising against acquaintance: they had always organized the two women’s stay in alternate periods. “They didn’t want us to meet – revealed Venier – they were very worried about my character. I am very expansive, laughing, unlike Carla ”. But then one summer, more precisely in August, the two met by chance in Ischia: contrary to what their mutual friends had imagined, a beautiful friendship was born.

“I want to remember her as a great friend and a great woman – said Venier moved – we immediately entered into confidence, so much so that one evening I danced on pointe and she laughed with great irony and intelligence and had a lot of fun “. Finally, just before the homage organized by Sunday In for the star, Venier turned directly to Fracci, declaring for the last time an infinite affection.

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