Caring Ilona Łepkowska regretfully comments on the parting of Mikołaj Roznerski and Adriana Kalska: “The kissing scenes WILL NOT BE EASY”

After several unsuccessful love attempts Mikołaj Roznerski in 2018 he settled down alongside Adriana Kalska. From the very beginning, the lovers avoided speaking publicly about their relationship, and the media reports of crises in their relationship were consistently ignored.

Finally, the couple made it clear in a subtle way that after four years together they decided to break up. Kalska stopped following the actor on Instagram (which Pudelek first noticed), and then she officially issued a statement confirming the end of their relationship.

The actress reassured fans that although privately their love idyll has come to an end, their professional life will not be affected. In contrast to Roznerski and Kalska, the characters they play in the series M like love they have just averted their marital crisis and they will certainly not spare their tenderness on the screen. It is the issue of frequent kisses in the script that seems to be worrying Ilona Łepkowskawhich allowed herself a compassionate comment on the whole situation.

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In an interview with Fakt, the specialist in Polish series regretted that former partners may have difficulty controlling their emotions:

I think when two actors who are working together suddenly break up, it might be a problem on the set. If they decided to go separate ways and they still meet at work, I don’t think they will be able to just turn off their private emotions. It doesn’t happen with a magic button. It can certainly be quite difficult for this site that has been, in short, abandoned – she assessed.

As for the kissing scenes … well, Mikołaj and Ada are professionals so they know they have to get the job done, although it certainly won’t be easy. But if I had any influence on it, I would try to influence the production plan in such a way as to give them some time to cool down – she stated sympathetically.

Do you also sleep awake during the kissing scenes?

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