Care workers dance on Jerusalema: ‘It strengthens our group feeling’

You have probably noticed in recent weeks, the many videos of care workers who dance and participate in the so-called Jerusalem-challenge.

The song, based on the gospel song by South African DJ and producer Master KG, and the accompanying dance became hugely popular in the corona pandemic. The relationship with healthcare workers started when South African doctors and nurses sought relaxation and shared videos of the dance.

The dance was soon taken over by employees of Dutch healthcare institutions and hospitals. Many large hospitals have already taken part in the challenge in recent weeks. The hospitals wanted to show the group feeling in the hospital with the dance and at the same time give it a boost.

And that has succeeded, several hospitals tell the NOS. “As hospital staff, we have already felt like a large group in recent months. This dance has reinforced that and we still feel that positivity”, says Sanne Brouns, nurse and initiator of the challenge at Maastricht UMC.

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