Care for Your Life and Family, Doctor Reminds the Importance of Having a First Aid Kit at Home

Jakarta – Certified Wound Specialist Physician, dr. Adisaputra Ramadhinara, M.Sc, CWSP, FACCWS reminds you of the importance of having an adequate first aid kit (in an accident or commonly shortened to first aid kit) at home, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

First aid and proper treatment can prevent the risk of infection and speed up the wound healing process.

“By having knowledge of how to properly treat wounds and having adequate first aid kits, it is hoped that good and proper wound management can be carried out as early as possible at home,” he said through a press release, quoted on Sunday.

During the pandemic, according to Hansaplast Brand Manager Alanna Alia Hannantyas, the risk of accidents or injuries while doing activities at home increases as people spend most of their time at home.

However, some of them do not understand the importance of providing proper first aid treatment at home during the pandemic.

“For this reason, knowledge of first aid in treating wounds independently at home is a critical skill that Indonesian families must have, especially during the current pandemic,” he said.

This is what underlies the company’s efforts to continue to increase public awareness about the importance of preparing and implementing first aid to treat injuries due to minor accidents that occur in everyday life as well as education on how to handle wounds based on their types when an emergency situation occurs at home.


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