Care, education and upbringing in the municipal daycare centers in Freiburg –

The “Orientation plan for education and upbringing for kindergartens in Baden-Württemberg” specifies the basics and goals for educational work in day-care centers: every child should

The designed educational areas in the day-care center and the educational activities of the specialists enable every child to have basic experience in the following fields of education and development:

In order to implement their assignment, the specialists in the daycare center rely on the “Open work “ and the “infans concept of early childhood education “.

A trusting cooperation between professionals and parents promotes the well-being of your child. An open exchange and good coordination between parents and professionals make the daily transition between home and daycare easier for your child and support them on their way to personal responsibility and community skills.

Friendly, attentive and attentive, the specialists in the daycare centers ensure that your child feels comfortable in the daycare center. The consideration of the child’s basic needs (for constant loving relationships, for physical integrity, for security and regulation, for experiences that are tailored to individual differences, for development-appropriate experiences, for limits and structures, for stable, supportive communities and for cultural continuity (See Berry, Bazelton, Greenspan, The Seven Basic Needs of Children, 2002) top priority.

At the beginning your child is still a stranger to the people in the day care center. A parent escort Acclimatization is therefore a prerequisite for the child to arrive safely at the daycare center and to feel safe and secure there. Acclimatization can take up to 6 weeks in individual cases. It ends when the child has been able to build trust in at least one specialist. This can be seen in the fact that the child can be comforted and reassured by the specialist and that he or she naturally enjoys exploring the day care center and making contact with other children. With the successful acclimatization, good conditions are created for further playing and learning in the day care center.

Children are curious. You want to try out and get to know a lot. In the day care center, various educational rooms with educationally designed Educational areas to play and research.

Every child belongs to one Second group or Home group.

There is one for every child Reference specialist assigned. She is the contact person for you as parents and takes care of all important matters for the child. But all other specialists in the daycare are there for your child.

There is a fixed one in the day care center daily routine. At certain times, children can choose what, with whom and where they want to play. At other times, the professionals set common activities, creating many opportunities for education, bonding and social experiences for the children. The design of the daily routine creates a framework for freedom and openness as well as orientation and security for the children.

Specialists work in a team Educational goals and action goals for their educational work. They think about the skills and possibilities that children need as adults in order to be able to lead a successful life in a future that is still unknown. The educational goals from your point of view as parents are also taken into account.

Observe skilled workers Educational interests and preferred activities every child. The documentation serves to understand the child’s motivation to learn and to support his or her individual educational processes. For the documentation, the specialists use observation sheets and photos, which they combine in one Portfolio collect for each child. Both Parent talks your child’s portfolio is included. When you leave daycare, the portfolio with the valuable records of the child’s educational path is handed over to you.

The specialists value theirs Observations and on this basis develop suitable educational offers for every child. In one Individual curriculum, oneEducational plan for every child ”, the resulting educational process is recorded.

In regular discussions with parents, the reference specialist reports on your child’s individual curriculum and invites you to exchange ideas about your child’s development and education.

When children from the perspective of the professionals special help for their development If necessary, the further procedure will be agreed in a conversation with the parents. If special needs are already known when the child is admitted, we ask for information. Necessary and additional help can then be initiated at an early stage.

In the day-care center, your child will receive support in acquiring language and developing his or her linguistic expression. In everyday life, the specialists encourage every child in a variety of ways to express themselves and expand their linguistic possibilities. On the basis of our literacy concept, the children are motivated to deal with books, writing and characters and to discover an interest in the world of letters, stories and thoughts.

For children who speak a language other than German as their first language, it is important to learn the mother tongue / family language (s) in the family. In the day care center, your child learns to express himself in the German language. If necessary, your child can take part in an additional language support group (Landesförderung Kolibri). In addition, the specialists offer parenting talks in order to coordinate with you about language training in daycare and in the family.

Children learn by playing together and process their experiences. In doing so, they communicate with each other and master new challenges. They get to know their possibilities and limits and try out new behaviors. They expand their previous world of imagination and acquire new skills.

The specialists help every child to perceive themselves and others and to practice an attentive and respectful cooperation. Through child-friendly methods of participation, your child can actively participate in the day-to-day life of the daycare center and experience himself as an important member of the community. Strengthened by these experiences, your child can actively manage the transition to school and continue their educational path with motivation.

The city of Freiburg as the provider, the management and the specialists of the city daycare centers continuously strive to create the best possible conditions for every child in the daycare center for their care, education and upbringing. We will be happy to provide you with further information at parenting events and in personal discussions.

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