Caravaca’s stabbing victim asked the alleged perpetrator not to disturb a bar | Radio Murcia

The mortal victim of the stabbing in Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia) had asked the alleged perpetrator moments before to calm down and stop bothering a bar in the area, since he altered the order every time a goal was scored Real Madrid in their match against Deportivo Alavés, which the clients watched on television.

This has been revealed by the witnesses to the murder, one of whom picked up the knife of more than eight inches in length that the detainee threw in the vicinity of the place where the fatal stabbing took place, which killed a 58-year-old man , and handed over to the police officers.

One of those witnesses, as Efe has learned, has stated that the detainee, JJB, a 25-year-old young man from a South American country, nationalized Spanish and a neighbor of Caravaca de la Cruz, did not stop bothering while they watched the game, to the point that his own companions reproached him for it.

Things got worse, so the manager of the establishment asked him to leave, since he was considered very conflictive, especially when he drank.

When the individual was invited to go out, the person who would be dead moments later intervened, who allegedly told him that he should calm down and that if they told him that he should leave the bar, he should do so.

It was then that, allegedly, he received a punch from the detainee, who went out into the street and moments later returned to the place armed with the kitchen knife with which, according to witnesses, he stabbed the victim in the neck when she was He was leaving the bar, which cost him his life almost immediately due to exsanguination.

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