Car salesman stabbed, expensive Mercedes stolen | Inland

The victim had made an appointment in Lauernessestraat in Slotermeer with two interested people in his black Mercedes SUV GLE.

However, it did not come from a sale. At 5 p.m. the police received a message that someone on the Lauernessestraat had been stabbed. Officers did find a badly injured man on the spot. The victim could just say that he was going to sell his five-year-old car, but that when he arrived at the appointment, the ‘buyer’ stabbed him and took off with the car.

The victim is treated in hospital for his injuries. The police are urgently looking for two suspects and the stolen vehicle. The stolen vehicle is a black Mercedes SUV GLE class with the registration number ZD-091-D (see photo). The car is five years old and was on a buy-sell site for a whopping 63,000 euros.

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