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: Car ownership costs determined

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Owning a car is expensive. On average, the car costs a German owner 703 euros a month, as the market observers from LeasePlan have determined.

From a European perspective, Germany is in the middle when it comes to car costs, flanked by Great Britain (711 euros) and Belgium (690 euros). Vehicle ownership is most expensive in Switzerland, where it costs 926 euros a month. Hungary is particularly cheap at 491 euros.

Among other things, the costs for fuel, depreciation, taxes, insurance and maintenance were taken into account.

E-cars are not much more expensive

According to LeasePlan, the index also shows that the costs of driving an electric car in Germany are increasingly approaching those of a conventional drive: In the small car and compact class, the maintenance for an electric car is only 10 euros more than diesel and 26 euros more the gasoline engine.


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