Car News: What’s the latest Toyota C-HR GR Sport?

It only outperforms the 2020 modernization in color alone. The purple amethyst tone is the same novelty as the two-color body with a black or silver roof, and somewhere at the bottom of the poster there will probably be a previously unseen black 18-inch disc.

“Sports seats and steering wheel plus black ceilings are cool. GR Sport can hardly look different at all. But I want to talk about something else, and that is the new multimedia display, ”says Normunds Avotiņš.

The C-HR is now equipped with the latest Toyota Smart Connect system. The position of the display has not changed, while the content and operation have changed.

“In terms of graphics and features, it’s like a mini-Lexus. The screen isn’t that big, but the content is very similar. “

Smart Connect also has a much faster processor that allows the image to follow the driver’s fingertips.

“Apple Car Play is wireless, but it can also be plugged in. There is a niche for a wireless charger. I like the way the audio device sounds. ”

If before Toyota Toyota Connect was not among the most advanced systems, now it is really on par. But what else can you get from the latest C-HR besides the new display and sports seats?

“It simply came to our notice then that GR Sport would not forget what it was paid for. This is the most expensive possible C-HR. GR Sport is usually somewhere in the penultimate price list, but this is the absolute top. ”

The question is, does it also drive according to status?

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“As far as I understand, the C-HR GR Sport can only be obtained as a hybrid. There are two. The most powerful goes quite politely. On the border that CHR should not be considered a girl’s car. “

Since the appearance of the C-HR in public car parks, many have become convinced of the universal nature of the crossover. The C-HR is a one-man car. Driving in front is interesting and comfortable, but in the back the small door windows make it feel a bit as if you are locked somewhere.


You’ve already noticed that the tires are so thin, but the maximum disc size. But in the process of the elevator, Toyota has done something with their model. It is smoother, a cool feeling has appeared in the steering wheel. Cool filling with a suitable appearance costs from 34,800 euros. Let’s keep in mind that the Toyota C-HR is also one of the very few models in its class with a full-featured self-charging hybrid.

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