Car news: Opel Mokka radically changes the look and content

Otherwise, if the previous Mocha still came from the General Motors era, while the new one was already created under the auspices of the French concern PSA. And you can’t say that meeting Peugeot and Citroen Mokkai is bad – on the contrary!

“The design of the new Moka, which even has a special name, does not leave anyone indifferent. The car is visible in any color. This copy is GS Line, It’s just not here! Two – color or three – color body. 18-inch wheels and a sporty interior, ”says Normunds Avotiņš.

“The salon of the new Mokka fits the concept – if there is no access to big money, then imagination and bright colors should be used. Look at how beautiful the seats are, what a sporty shape. But such small ones. Well, it’s comfortable to sit. ”

Front – definitely, back – like who. As the new platform has made Mokku shorter than before, and with the CMP platform, the characteristic, wide thresholds have come, the doors are quite narrow and the seat behind them is the same. What to say – with rare exceptions, all the latest small SUVs.

The most popular will be the Mokka with a petrol engine. The new Opel has only one, 1.2-liter turbo with 3 cylinders. A typical modern small player.

By the way, the new Mokka will still be available for sale with diesel, but the most famous and deficient Mokka is fully electric.

Equipped with a 50 Kwh battery, it will be able to cover up to 300 km on a single charge and will cost from 32,400 euros. The starting price of petrol models is halved – 16,400.

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“If you have already watched or watched the new Opel Mokka, you need to know one thing. If you want to drive a car and who doesn’t want to, then you have to choose the most powerful engine – with 130 horsepower. The sound of the engine is lively and brisk. Don’t know if it’s specially or just saved on the muffler? But the three-cylinder roars very resolutely. The dowel of the automatic transmission has moved from French relatives. Here’s what I noticed … oh, the start button has to be held for the same length of time …. when we put it in the Drive, then we put it in the Drive. One of the relatives of the Opel Mokka was that the dowel had to be stopped to fit into the notch. Software updates do their job! ” comments Avotiņš.

The Opel Mokka GS Line with the machine is also not expensive – 22800 euros. It turns out that a fully equipped crossover with a petrol engine will not cost more than 25,000 euros.

“Mokkai has 3 driving modes. Normal, eco and sports. Let’s see what happens to it in sports. Roar like crazy! There are also speed blades under the wheel – atypical for small crossovers.

In the end, however, it turned out that the Eco mode is optimal. In it, Mokka drives and steers most harmoniously. It is a pity that it does not yet know how to hold itself at the intersection. The car does not have an autohold function even if there is a vending machine. Either park or hold the brake. The animated dashboard stands out with laconic, almost minimal graphics. No golden compasses and other embellishments, just the most important information. ”

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“A very important part of the test is the forest road. Neba already drives those small jeeps only through the quiet center. No, ride mushrooms, swim and communicate where else. So you need to know how it travels on a road where there is no road at all. Obviously, the tires help a bit, but the hat off! In the mud baths, the first copies of the comic are revealed. The rubber of the front door for some reason does not reach the end, so Mokka diligently collects dirt there. ”

“No, hardly the German who drew the car had imagined something like that. But we had to know if we could ride mushrooms with the new Moka. Despite only the front-wheel drive and the fact that the Mokka is so decorative at all, the opel did a very good job.

The presentation cars have returned home, but the Opel Mokka for sale is no longer far away. They will be with dealers after Easter, and then you will be able to compare your impressions with ours, ”sums up Normunds Avotiņš.

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