Car fills up on truck near Deventer: three young men to hospital injured | Deventer

Three young men flew into a truck at full speed this morning around 4:30 am. The accident happened on the A1 near Deventer. The three were taken by ambulances to hospitals in Deventer and Apeldoorn with as yet unknown injuries.

It is not clear exactly how the accident happened.

The impact wreaked havoc on the highway. Moreover, the car wreck was in the middle of the roadway that was further littered with debris. As a result, three lanes had to be closed.

Exit Deventer-Oost

Because the accident happened just before the Deventer-Oost exit, the exit was also closed to traffic from Apeldoorn in the direction of Hengelo. Drivers could turn at Bathmen.

The car was then towed away, the truck could continue on its way with minor damage, the road surface had to be cleaned. The road was cleared again around 6:30 am.

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