Car ends up in water after police chase, two people … (Bruges)

Brugge –

A passenger car with two occupants ended up in the water along the Houtkaai in Bruges on Wednesday night. That happened during a chase by the police. Both could be helped on dry land.

The chase started according to the first information in the Liberation Avenue in Bruges. The police noticed the car and wanted to check it. It is not yet clear exactly why the driver fled. But at the height of Houtkaai, the man lost control of the wheel. He drove into the water with his car. The two occupants got out of the vehicle and swam to the side. A local resident and the police helped them out. The two were arrested and taken.

One of the drowning men stated that the three of them were in the car. The diving team of the fire brigade did everything to search the sunken car as quickly as possible. In the end, there appeared to be no question of a third occupant. The car was eventually towed to dry land, but is completely ready for the scrap heap. The duo will now have to explain to the police exactly why they fled.

Photo: tel

Car ends up in water after police chase, two occupants unharmed
Photo: tel

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