Captain ‘Son Heung-min and Ronaldo’ confrontation ‘will come soon’

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In tomorrow’s match against Portugal, the face-off between each team’s number 7, Son Heung-min and Ronaldo is also a point to watch.

This is the first time the two players have met in national kits, so it has special significance.

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South Korea captain Son Heung-min and Portugal captain Ronaldo.

The two players have one thing in common: they are superstars who lead the team with the captain’s armband and go to the forefront wearing the number 7 side by side.

Heung-Min Son, who had chosen Ronaldo as his idol since he was young..

[손흥민(지난 해 1월)]

“I want to meet Ronaldo. I want to ask him how he trains and talk about football.”

In a very short time, he has become a world-class player comparable to Ronaldo.

Coincidentally, it is similar that both players have gone through ups and downs prior to this World Cup.

Son Heung-min couldn’t even participate due to a facial injury, so he came out wearing a mask… Ronaldo is invincible after a conflict with his former club.

While Son Heung-min has yet to recover to perfect condition… Ronaldo is challenging the record for most goals by a Portuguese player, following the record of scoring in five consecutive tournaments for the first time in history.

[호날두/포르투갈 축구대표팀]

“We won, we played well. I helped the team. The rest doesn’t count. What counts now is Portugal.”

There’s a chance Portugal will confirm their move to the round of 16 and shut out key players… But there’s a good chance the two players will face each other as they need to secure top spot in the group to avoid Brazil in the group. 16.

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