Capcom is still analyzing whether to raise the price of its games for PS5 and Xbox Series X

The arrival of the next generation of consoles is getting closer and closer, and one of the topics that has generated the most doubts is eThe value of titles for consoles, with some studios opting to raise their prices and others to keep them.

From Capcom, in a question and answer session with their investors they referred to this, noting that the decision has not yet been made and they are analyzing the issue.

“We have not established a specific policy at this time,” they mentioned, and then added that “We will consider our approach after having analyzed both our strengths and weaknesses while monitoring industry trends.”

On the occasion they also pointed out that so far eThe coronavirus has not affected the development of its next games reason why so far some delay is unloaded in his coming plans.

While Capcom has not yet decided whether or not to raise the prices of its next video games, other companies have already referred to it. This is how Ubisoft chose to keep the price at least in the case of Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, while 2K raised the price of the standard edition of NBA 2K21 for PS5 and Xbox Beings X.

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