Canton police prevent autoposer meeting in Winterthur

The Zurich canton police, in cooperation with the Winterthur city police, prevented a meeting of autoposers in Winterthur on Saturday evening, as she writes in a statement. The participants of this meeting came from different cantons of Switzerland.

Shortly after 8:30 p.m., reports were received at the headquarters of the two police corps that there was grüze in the parking lot of a food distributor in Winterthur «a large number of very conspicuous and sometimes extremely loud vehicles would be located», it says in the message.

Seven illegal amendments

The patrols of the two corps, which went out immediately, found a few dozen vehicles on site. These were then checked by the police and then left the place calmly.

Seven of the cars checked were shut down due to unauthorized modifications and their drivers were reported. Reports were made against seven other drivers for various SVG violations. (lah)

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