Canteli: “In Truébano we have to do the great pilgrimage of San Mateo”

A group of friends on a terrace in Truébano. Fernando Rodriguez

Yesterday, while Canteli and his friends were trying the parrochas and the Garlic Chicken from the Ferroviario (one of the four hotel booths that have been installed in the area), the music of “Body & Soul”, the trio of Esther Yuste, Sonsoles Rodríguez and Alfonso Castrillo. Music from the fifties very well executed to accompany the vermouth. But Canteli sees the party grow in that prao. He explains that, apart from the pilgrimage of the Christ that will arrive at the end of San Mateo, the Truébano area, as long as the plan of the Christ does not begin to develop, it must be used to maintain that atmosphere of a country party. With more music, “that you can dance”, when the authorities allow it.

On the right, “Body & Soul Trio”. Fernando Rodriguez

The innkeepers asked him to be able to put some lambs on the stake. Canteli laughed and looked happy with the result of the first days of San Mateo: “a lot of people in the Bombé, a lot of people in La Herradura, almost impossible to get into Porlier and very long queues for children’s activities in Campo de San Francisco”. Few incidents. Prado downplayed the bottles on Friday and Saturday nights, in the area of ​​the Winter Park or the Umbrella. Police patrols patrolled the areas but the youths move from one place to another. “It is unavoidable. If you have room for 2,000 in the bars and there are 6,000 kids … ”Canteli lamented.

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The Mayor wants to closely follow the development of the festivities, but in his head he already has the agenda for October, the Princess of Asturias Awards. Canteli expects important things from the Princess Foundation’s programming and wants Oviedo to be prepared so that it is seen by all in its best version. That is why, yesterday he told it again, he is very happy with the result of the cleaning of the Campoamor theater façade and he also wants the Parliament building to be able to incorporate ornamental lighting to enhance the entire downtown area around the Plaza de the Scandal. Apparently, he has already transmitted it to President Adrián Barbón and trusts that he will help him in this task.

At the meal there were no, at least in public, political confessions. José Ramón Prado was more like the friend than the councilor. Everything was in the family and the reflections, beyond San Mateo, were reduced to gastronomic debates and that omelette that the Mayor promises wherever he goes as his star dish.


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