Can’t keep up with a young man? Matuš’s radical decision

He wants to look young and does not hesitate to go through the pain. Bohuš Matuš (47) allegedly began to use the aesthetic services of a Prague clinic. But he did not look for it himself, according to him, the offer came directly from them. “So I thought to myself that if I still play those lovers, even though I’m more of a clown than a lover, I don’t even seem to be able to do anything with myself. When a person is put on make-up, he looks different, but in reality it is worse. I would really like to be able to remove the bags under my eyes. I perform a lot on Barrandov TV and there are some lights that highlight them a lot. I really like them Walda in the seventies, “he said with exaggeration for

Strict Bohuš Matuš decided: Never again with Lucinka!

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Singer Bohuš Matuš (46) about how Lucinka got pregnant with him (17): We tried during quarantine!

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