Canelo Álvarez visits the Senate of Mexico and all the politicians wanted a photo with him | 5 videos

The multi-world champion Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and his coach, Eddy Reynoso, were recognized by the Chamber of Senators of Mexico for their sporting significance and support for the community in a ceremony held in the Permanent Commission session room.

The visit of the ‘Canelo’ caused riots. Everyone was looking for the best photo with the media boxer.

It was only considered that Reynoso was awarded for his trajectory of supporting Mexican boxing and his guidance to young people, but Ricardo Monreal, president of the Senate Political Coordination Board, extended the recognition to Saúl and also to José ‘Chepo’ Reynoso, his first coach and Eddy’s father.

The presence of ‘Canelo’ made the senators take out their ‘fan’ side by surrounding both the boxer and Eddy Reynoso to ask for autographs and photographs.

After he handed over some gold-tone gloves to Monreal, disorder prevailed in the room, as everyone wanted to take a photo or have the signature of Álvarez, current absolute world monarch in the Super Middleweight category.

Olga Sánchez Cordero, president of the Senate Board of Directors, reminded the boxer when he could be punished for using the national crest on a serape prior to the fight against Gennady Golovkin, to which Canelo pointed out that he thought he did not want to put it, although at In the end, he was able to achieve it thanks to the authorization of the Ministry of the Interior.

“We resolved in the Ministry of the Interior that we could not have the hypothesis that you were attacking national symbols,” said the president of the Senate, before taking a photo with the plenary session in the supermedia.

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