Candidate Jin-wook Kim begins preparations for hearing… “There can be no undeniable power”

“I think that the omnipotent power that reigns over the people and does not take any responsibility cannot and should not exist under our constitution.”

Kim Jin-wook’s first high-ranking public officials criminal investigation agency (Airborne Office) chief candidate (54, the 21st Judicial Research and Training Institute) said, while going to the office of the personnel hearing preparation group in Jongno-gu, Seoul at around 9:44 am on December 31 last year. He also said, “I will consider how to return the authority I received from the people.”

Candidate Kim, who has served as a senior researcher at the Constitutional Court for 10 years since 2010, referred to’Article 1, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution’. He emphasized, “According to our Constitution, the sovereignty of the Republic of Korea lies with the people, and all power comes from the people,” he emphasized. “The authority of the airborne and the authority exercised by the airborne are also the power received from the people.”

While working for the Constitutional Justice, Candidate Kim wrote thesis on the subject of the impeachment of former President Park Geun-hye in July 2017 and May 2019. He evaluated that in the thesis, “in the case of the impeachment of former President Park, it was appropriate that the Constitution was judged based on the viewpoint of protecting the Constitution and the viewpoint of the people’s trust.” However, he said, “It is a regrettable fact that the Constitutional Court did not provide any arguments or explanations as to how the former President Park’s actions specifically violated the principle of representative democracy and that it undermined the spirit of the rule of law.” After completing his doctoral course at the Graduate School of Law at Seoul National University, he is known to be preparing his doctoral thesis on the subject of the impeachment of former President Park. Candidate Kim is said to have said, “I will go a road that others have not gone,” referring to Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Goed” in the application submitted to the candidate recommendation committee for the Minister of Public Affairs. Candidate Kim, who dreamed of applying to the Department of Economics, supported the Department of Archeology and Art History at Seoul National University under the influence of the headmaster, the son of Hyeong-pil Jun, a researcher collecting cultural properties in high school. When he was in the fourth year of college, after taking a constitutional class to prepare for the administrative examination, he accidentally became interested in law and prepared for the bar exam, and he passed the final pass after 1 year and 6 months entering the master’s course at Seoul National University Law School. Since then, Candidate Kim has accumulated various legal experience, including judges, lawyers, and researchers at the Constitutional Court. In the legal profession, opinions are divided over whether Candidate Kim is suitable for the role of the chief of public affairs because he has no experience in investigating other than sending him as an investigator to the special inspection team in the case of inducing the Mint Corporation strike in 1999. There is a view that it is suitable for the head of the airlift, who requires neutrality because it has no special ties with the Moon Jae-in government and its political colors are pale. On the other hand, when prosecutors and private investigators were infighted at the time of the special prosecution for inducing the Mint Strike, there are also evaluations that candidate Kim did not show a determined attitude. The Director of the Airborne said that he would be able to deal with a sensitive case that is difficult to compare with that time, but could he show decisiveness?

Inside the Constitutional House, candidates generally agree with Kim as’the style of a student working quietly.’ “Even if we work together, we do not cross the line that we must keep and keep an appropriate distance from each other, and it seems that we maintain the relationship of’impossible and impossible’.” One of the lawyers said, “It is a typical external oil-intensity type,” and said, “I have a strong stubbornness in what I judged to be right.” An acquaintance who knows candidate Kim well said, “I am a devout Christian, and I have a strong conviction.” “Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol knows personally, but I think that candidate Kim’s stubbornness is never second to that of Yoon.” One of his motives at the Judicial Research and Training Institute said, “The path that the conviction is clear and right is not yielded to death.”

Reporter Bae Seok-joon [email protected]

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