“Cancer Prevention and Treatment: A Scientific Perspective”


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I published it the day before yesterday (2023-5-25)Flaxseed against cancer? Carcinogenic?, and then several reader responses drove me to write this article. However, since the full text of these readers’ responses is very long, I will only excerpt the key points as follows:

Reader 1: Accompanying my beloved wife to treat cancer for many years,…; in the end, the famous attending physician almost used dice to test the medicine. …Stop telling yourself what non-staple food to eat or rumors that eating it is effective. Cancer prevention cannot be prevented, and cancer treatment is luck. Be obedient ~ eat a balanced diet; use aerobic exercises…, keep a steady rhythm of daily work and rest, control your emotions like emotions, stay away from political topics, and you can live for a few more years!

Reader 2: I am a patient with stage III pancreatic cancer. It has been a year. I am not a high-risk group for this cancer. Sometimes I am really lucky. My own concept is to seek formal treatment within the economically permitted range, maintain physical and mental balance (diet, exercise, exercise, stress relief, etc.), and don’t bother with hearsay folk remedies or health nutrition products. Sickness is hard, and treatment is also hard. Spending money hurts your body.

Reader 3: I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer DCIS-comode type. Thank you for your articles, which have always relieved everyone and provided a lot of comfort. I especially like what you said in the article. The world is impermanent, and we can only listen to it. Destiny, and cancer are really too difficult to say. I was told at the beginning that it was unacceptable when I was diagnosed, but to be honest, cells are replicating every day, and it is difficult to make no mistakes. If mistakes catch up with corrections, they will become cancerous… (Note: Comedo-DCIS is a pre-invasive breast cancer)

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Two of my best friends, husband and wife, were diagnosed with brain cancer in 2004 and 2019 respectively. Their brain cancers were of different kinds, but they were all extremely rare, and all were in extremely difficult-to-treat locations. Despite this, they are now leading normal lives after surgery and radiation. The wife has recently written their experience of diagnosis and treatment into Chinese and English articles, which are going to be published to the world. I was honored to be invited by her to revise the manuscript, and that’s why I saw her say this: “The night after the radiology report, an angry voice inside me screamed, ‘WHAT . . . again “! “This is so unfair, two extremely rare brain tumors were found in our couple? What is the chance? God, what on earth did we do to be punished like this? “” (Note: Their husband and wife are the kindest people in the world, and their daily life is also very healthy)

I published it when the website was just established for one month (2016-4-25)“Beat Cancer”to point out that we can never beat cancer.

Why can’t it be defeated?

Our human body has approximately37 trillion cellsfor each cellThe “genome” consists of approximately 3 billion pairs of nucleotidesThe “genome” of about 2 trillion cells needs to be copied once every day. If the average life expectancy of a person is 70 years old, there will be 70x365x2 trillion x 3 billion chances in a person’s lifetime that the “genome” will make mistakes in duplication. In biological terms, “mistake” is “mutation”. Whether it’s “wrong” or “mutation”, it sounds negative. But it is not.

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Because, if the replication of the “genome” never fails, there will be no biological evolution. It is because of “wrongness” that there will be evolution. besides,Human evolution is catalyzed by viruses, and one of the costs is cancer. So, as long as there are humans, there will be cancer. And this also explains why we have spent a lot of manpower and money, and the treatment of cancer is still a drop in the bucket. That is to say, there is no need to blame western medicine for its incompetence, and don’t believe in the boasting of cancer treatment advertisements. (Note: Please seeFacts about Cancer Advertisements. ) Although we cannot fight cancer, we can choose to live a healthy life to reduce the chance of getting cancer. If you get cancer, if you remove it early, it may be cured.

I published it again on the first anniversary of the website (2017-3-27)Cancer: Why Methe purpose is to cite a paper just published in the journal Science to support my statement that “cancer will never be defeated”.

This paper was published on 2017-3-24, the title isStem cell divisions, somatic mutations, cancer etiology, and cancer prevention(Stem Cell Division, Somatic Mutation, Cancer Etiology, and Cancer Prevention), by three Johns Hopkins researchers.

The paper’s corresponding author (Dr. Bert Vogelstein, director of the Johns Hopkins University Cancer Research Center) said in an interview with the media: “We need to continue to encourage people to avoid environmental factors and lifestyles that increase the risk of cancer mutations. However, Many people will still develop cancer due to these random DNA replication errors, so better ways to detect all cancers early when they are still curable are urgently needed.”

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What he said is similar to what I said a year earlier than him: “Although we cannot fight cancer, we can choose to live a healthy life to reduce the chance of getting cancer. If we get cancer, early removal can also help May be cured.”

Editor in charge: Gu Zihuan

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