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Cancer Immunotherapy Safe and Effective for Viral Disease Carriers – ERM News

Study: Immunotherapy for cancer safe and effective for holders of viral diseases

Source: Shorouq Muhammad – Erm News

A new study revealed that immunotherapy for cancer is likely to be safe and effective for patients with viral diseases such as AIDS, Or hepatitis C.

In a new study published in the medical journal “Immunotherapy”, it was stated that cancer patients suffering from viral diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis B or C, should not be excluded from studies with “point inhibitors”. Immunological Inspection “(is a form of cancer immunotherapy).

Although the researchers mentioned that more studies are needed to validate their results, they found that patients who were also infected with HIV or hepatitis (B) or (C) and treated with immunotherapy for cancer, had similar rates of effectiveness Toxicity for patients without chronic viral infections, in addition, no viral activation occurred.

Tumor responses also occurred in patients with a virus HIV Human with low CD4 T-lymphocyte count.

This study looked retrospectively in patients with advanced stages of cancer and carriers of HIV or hepatitis B (C) or (C) immunotherapy who were treated with cancer immunotherapy in 5 Medstar health hospitals in the period: January January 2011 To April 2018.

With a case study of 50 patients in line with the study’s criteria, the researchers supported the use of cancer immunotherapy for these patients, and included them in future trials of immunotherapy for cancer, but said that additional studies were needed.

Previously, patients with chronic viral infections were excluded from treatment with “immune checkpoint inhibitors”, a type of cancer immunotherapy that works by suppressing immune suppression pathways.



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