Cancer Can Trigger Diabetes, Here’s How To Prevent It

Tuesday, 7 June 2022 – 06:32 WIB

VIVA – Profiles of people who are at higher risk of being affected canceris very similar to the description of people who are at high risk of developing diabetes. The relationship between these two diseases has actually been around for a long time. However, it is only recently that scientists have been able to identify the exact reason for the connection between the two.

They initially determined that a symptom of diabetes, namely high levels of glucose in the blood, could contribute to the onset of cancer. In contrast, several cancer-fighting medications have been identified as the cause of the spike in levels blood sugar or suppression of natural insulin production which will lead to diabetes in cancer patients.

Reported The HealthSite, Monday 6 June 2022, new research shows, cancer patients can also be at risk of developing diabetes. The prolonged impact and continuing complications of this disease have reduced the quality of life of many people.

Experts have linked diabetes to certain types of cancer. Associate professors Lykke Sylow and Christoffer Johansen from The National Center for Cancer Survivorship and General Late Effects (CASTLE), said the study showed there was an increased risk of developing diabetes if a person had lung, pancreatic, breast, brain, urinary tract and uterine cancers.

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How does cancer cause diabetes?
It is possible that various cancer therapies may increase the risk to both the patient and the cancer itself, which can also be a cause of diabetes. Experts say cancer cells are capable of secreting substances that can affect organs and may contribute to the increased incidence of diabetes.

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In some parts of the body, radiation therapy that attacks cancer cells can also destroy insulin-producing cells. And steroids, which are often used to reduce nausea during treatment chemotherapyare among medicines that can increase blood sugar levels.

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