“Canceled” the cash at the bar What happens when you pay

Agreement reached. The government for weeks is at work on the cashback plan. One of the measures, together with the lottery of receipts, which will allow the state to track down the crafty ones from easy evasion. And make profits. With the ok arrived a couple of days ago at Palazzo Chigi between the executive and the operators of the sector, the zeroing of commissions on purchases by credit card or debit card is decreed up to 5 euro. This means that it will be more convenient for everyone to pay for a simple coffee at the café with a credit card. The customer will carry out a useful transaction to have the bonus on the use of electronic money and the manager of the venue will not pay the commissions on the use of the Pos.

The agreement is part of the piano cashless with which the aim is to enhance the use of credit cards, debit cards, apps or bank transfers at the expense of cash. A plan that will start on December 1st. The transaction provides for refunds to consumers of 10% on expenses incurred with traceable instruments for a maximum of 3 thousand euros per year, which will guarantee a refund of 300 euros. The bonus will be credited to the consumer’s current account every six months, the first time in June and the second at the end of the year. It will be necessary to have made at least 50 transactions in a semester: this is why it is also worth paying by credit card for coffee at the bar. However, online purchases are not considered.

The cashless plan will be based on the “Io” app launched by the public administration. To access the plan the user must register, provide his data including theWere going. Each member of a family unit can participate individually in the cashback. The refund of 10% of the expenses will most likely be credited to the Bank account. On the app it will also be possible to check in real time the ranking in terms of the number of transactions for the purposes of the 3 thousand euro prize, also paid in half-yearly installments. This was designed to incentivize people to use the card even when the ceiling of 3 thousand euros has been reached to have the 10% refund.

To this is added another plan, defined Supercashback, which plans to recognize a balance of 3 thousand euros each for the former 100 thousand people that within 6 months will have carried out the largest number of transactions with cards and other electronic payment instruments. This will add to the cashback. All this (cashback, reduction of the cash ceiling and push to use cards) could generate additional revenues for the state of 4.5 billion euros. Certainly, no small thing.

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