Cancel weekend plans and test the prayed Age of Empires IV for free

It’s been a long 16 years since the last regular episode of the legendary Age of Empires series was released. Yes, we have since remastered versions all previous and also countless minor allowancesbut the real sequel is coming until now. In other words, until October 28, from Friday at nine in the morning, however, we can start the multiplayer part of the game in advance. And it’s completely free.

This is a so-called stress test on the part of Microsoft, which is to test the readiness of servers for a sharp influx of players. Which is definitely a commendable activity, just remember Diablo 3, Sim City or this year’s Outriders, which could not be reasonably played even a few days after the release.

In addition to multiplayer, you can also try a tutorial and a game against computer bots, there will be five different maps and four nations – English, Chinese, Romans and Arabs. The test will take on Steam throughout the weekend until Monday, September 20, at seven o’clock in the evening. Plus, it’s not NDA-protected, so you can share and stream whatever your throat wants.



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