Cancel predatory loan contracts at the hands of Credit Victims

Worldwide, the economic crisis affected a large number of people, who, with the need to make ends meet and seek other methods of capital inflow, found no other way out than to acquire loans and financial credits. Among the great offer that is currently in the financial market, you can find dishonest contracts with abusive clauses.

In that sense, Credit Victims is a platform created to help citizens to void predatory loan agreements, related to those clauses of contracts and with unjustified, immoral and disproportionate interest (APR) applied by financial institutions. They pursue the objective of respecting banking law and protecting people from abuses and clauses that affect their assets.

Recognize potential bank abuse

exist two types of bank abuse. On the one hand, there are those made by banks and institutions that grant credits such as Wizink, Cofidis, Creditea, Evo Finance, Santander Consumer, Caixabank, Carrefour Pass, among others, which offer clauses and interest rates that do not comply with the provisions of the law.

According to the Supreme Court, it must be taken into account that the interest cannot be more than double the average interest of consumer loans, since otherwise it would create profit and advantage on the part of the banks. The various financial entities that have this type of contract seek get debtors submitted and subject to the institution, who must pay interest and commissions for life.

On the other hand, there are also the bank abuses issued by entities engaged in quick loans or mini-loans, such as Vivus, Cashper, Contante, Monedo, myKredit, CreditoSi and a host of other lenders of this nature. These services have high interest rates, commissions and absurd business.

Cancel loan contracts with abusive clauses

Faced with these abusive clauses, it is possible to act legally and with the help of the Víctimas del Crédito platform, who have a team of advisers and lawyers that they will carry out the necessary procedures to easily discredit the contracts, classifying them as usury and lack of transparency.

The platform is prepared to advise its clients from the first moment, since it has a custom query area in his web page. In addition, they provide information on cases and sentences won, in order to affirm their effectiveness in the sector. Comprised of a nationwide law firm, Víctimas del Crédito focuses on the cancellation of credit card and loan contracts for abusive clauses.



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