Canadian Forest Fires Cause Broadway Cancellations and Health Concerns in New York City

The smoke from the Canadian forest fires, carried by the winds, is causing problems even in the American cultural milieu. Inconvenienced by poor air quality, a comedienne ran off stage in the middle of a play on Wednesday in New York City, and several plays and musicals were canceled.

Around 2 p.m. Wednesday, Jodie Comer, known for her role in the series Killing Eveabruptly put his solo show on hold First Face on Broadway Street, claiming to have difficulty breathing. Her understudy took over for the afternoon performance, and the actress eventually reprized her role for the evening show.

Broadway productions Hamilton et Camelot for their part canceled their shows shortly before the actors and actresses took the stage on Wednesday evening, citing the impact of air quality on the health of the artists.

New York a empêché un certain nombre de nos artistes de se produire sur scène","text":"La qualité de l'air dangereuse à New York a empêché un certain nombre de nos artistes de se produire sur scène"">The dangerous air quality in New York has prevented a number of our artists from performing on stageexplained by press release Shane Marshall Brown, spokesperson for the production Hamiltonless than two hours before the start of the show.

A few miles away, the Public Theater canceled the rehearsal of its outdoor performance of Hamlet for the same reasons. As a result, the two premieres of the show, scheduled for Thursday and Friday, have been postponed.

Due to the wildfires burning in Canada, the air quality of many major US cities is greatly diminished.

Late Wednesday night, New York’s air quality index topped 320 — out of a total of 400, while good air quality is between 0 and 50 — meaning that he was downright dangerous.

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