Canada to Put Health Warnings on Each Cigarette

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Ottawa: Canada to try new way to discourage smokers It has been decided to put a warning on the dangers of smoking on every cigarette. Warnings such as ‘Smoking causes cancer, harms babies, causes infertility and leukaemia, every smoke is poisonous’ will be printed on each cigarette in English and French. This is intended to strengthen awareness.

In many countries, health warnings are placed on the top of cigarette packets. Canada is the first country to put a warning on every cigarette. Canadian health officials say it can be more effective than an on-pack warning. They point out that smokers can ignore the warning on the packet if they want, but the warning on the cigarette cannot be ignored.

Smoking is the biggest public health problem in the country. Canada has decided to bring the country’s tobacco consumption below five percent by 2035. The new warning is part of this. Warnings on cigarettes will start from August 1.

News Summary – Canada will start putting health warnings on individual cigarettes.

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2023-06-01 06:13:18

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