Canada opens its doors to thousands of migrants as its population is ageing

The government’s goal is receive 500,000 foreigners each year until 2025, which would add 1.5 million migrants who would support their mission. In 2021, it grew to host 405,000 permanent residents. If it achieved its goal, Canada would have four times as many immigrants as the United States, The BBC reported it.

The determination is due to the low birth rate that the North American country has and its aging population, so it does not have the same workforce.

That’s why Canada has a “points-based system that gave preference to highly skilled immigrants who would contribute to Canada’s economy.”

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This way Canada will be able to achieve its goal of filling the thousands of available jobs it has been unable to fill. “The immigration plan will help companies find the workers they need,” said Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser. quoted by the BBC.

According to the newspaper, that country has one million unemployed people who cannot fill 950,000 vacancies because people do not have the required skills or do not live in areas where there is a need for manpower.

And it is that although in the United States one of the problems is opposition and concern that immigrants fill all jobs, Canada has had “historically very high support for immigration.”

This is because “there is a certain public trust that immigration to Canada is well managed by the government and is also managed in a way that serves the country’s interests,” explains expert Geoffrey Cameron, a political scientist at the University of Canada. by McMaster, center.

Which sectors have vacancies?

The opportunities, according to the portal, are in:

  • Medical services.
  • Construction.
  • Production.
  • Hospitality and tourism.
  • Restaurants.
  • Truckers.
  • Home builders.
  • Software engineers.

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But the opinion is not widespread, because Quebec has established that it will accept no more than 50,000 immigrants a year.

While the concern of the Prime Minister of Quebec, François Legault, is that the arrival of more immigrants weakens the French language in that province.

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On the other hand, in Toronto and Vancouver, the BBC says, they are concerned that there is not enough housing, as well as social services plans.

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