Canada 35th country for vaccination rate

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Two MPs spoke Tuesday in the House on Canada’s position in the race for COVID-19 vaccines. Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole said Canada “is the 38e countries in the world for vaccine delivery ”. Member of Parliament Alain Therrien, from the Bloc Québécois, said a little later that Canada is “at 52e in the world for vaccination ”.


The two MEPs calculate the number of vaccine doses administered per 100 people based on two sources. These sources do not count exactly the same countries, which causes the numbers to vary. Mr. O’Toole uses Bloomberg’s charts, while Mr. Therrien uses data from Our World in Data. This second source is more inclusive and has more small territories and internal entities, like the nations of England and Scotland for the United Kingdom. If we stick strictly to UN member countries of over one million people, then Canada does better, but still lags behind. Based on these criteria, Canada ranked in 35e position dated Tuesday around 1 pm, about an hour and a half before the intervention of the two deputies in the House.

– Sarah Daoust-Braun

The number of the week: 53%

This is the drop in ridership recorded last year by Tourisme Montréal between February and March in major tourist spots. The organization calculates the monthly attendance of some twenty attractions, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Espace pour la vie complex and the Old Port.

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In March 2020, the Legault government closed several places to curb the pandemic, which had dropped the number of visitors to 580,000, from 1.23 million in February.

In recent years, it is rather an average increase of 40% that we had recorded when many families took advantage of the spring break.

– Philippe Langlois

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