Can Yaman Caught Running Away from Fans in Viral Video Linked to Charity Event

Can Yaman’s name is much talked about for his new flame. Last night he was caught driving away from fans in a car: the video went viral.

Can Yaman the new episodes of the Canale 5 fiction will resume shortly Purple like the sea. In the meantime, however, his name is much talked about due to his new flame, a Milanese influencer. He was caught running away from fans in a car last night and the video instantly went viral.

Since when Can Yaman moved to Italy he was used to the constant siege of fans. Loved by both Italians and foreigners, such as the Spanish, the Turkish star was also used to finding his followers very often in his home in the center of Rome, ready to ask their idol for a selfie or an autograph.

Can Yaman, pinched while running away from fans: chaos immediately

Something unexpected happened last night that was immortalized in a video that immediately went viral. In the pictures the lead actor of is shown Purple like the sea with a white shirt and loose hair go away in his car quickly. But what is the reason for such a hurry? Many have speculated that he was seeing his new flame, but the truth is another.

A video was shared on Twitter featuring the Turkish star waving to several people before driving off in his car. Those present wondered why they left so quickly. The reason would be linked to the charity initiative to which you started on 9 March, the “Break the Wall Tour“. The project was born with the aim of breaking down the wall of silence and indifference to help younger people overcome their mental illness.

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The project is sponsored by the Institute of Child Neuropsychiatry of the Umberto I Polyclinic in Rome. The funds they are collecting through evenings around Italy and Switzerland in discos and clubs will be used to improve the hospital ward, allowing them to help younger people overcome their problems.

In the video in question, however, it does not appear that Can Yaman is running away from his fans. Rather it was filmed at the end of the day after the stage of the “Break the Wall Tour” in Tortoreto Lido. After signing autographs and taking selfies with his followers, the actor decided to retire to the hotel to rest. The star was a guest at the disco Hiringas always, the cost of the tickets will be donated to the Policlinico Umberto I.

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