Can Xbox One S survive a 45m drop? A video reveals it

Light years away from the rigor of teardown with PS5 stripped and from Xbox Series X backward compatibility test carried out by DF, the How Ridiculous youtubers conducted a new videogame-themed experiment to find out in what conditions Xbox One S can survive a fall from a tower of 45 meters.

Strengthened by the experience gained in the field of “extreme drop tests”, the highly followed content creators have dedicated a new insight to the Microsoft console to help us pass the time while waiting for the launch of the Xbox Series X | S and PS5, scheduled respectively for the 10 e November 19.

The How Ridiculous team thus launched several Xbox One S from their tower and observed in slow motion the impact of the consoles to simulate boundary conditions represented, for example, by the unlikely need to drop your Xbox One in the hope that a trampoline cushion its fall and avoid its complete destruction.

The results obtained in the tests carried out by youtubers to prove the effectiveness of pillows, tapes of bubble wrap and various packaging such as “makeshift airbags”. The guys from How Ridiculous, almost certainly, will try their hand at similar tests with PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X e S to test the effectiveness of these methods and the “extreme shock resistance” of the nextgen consoles. While waiting to see Sony and Microsoft’s new home platforms sacrificed on the altar of science (or almost), let us know what you think of this experiment.

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