Can Trump still overturn the vote? –

Venerd the Georgia certified Joe Biden’s victory after a recount, but Donald Trump has until tomorrow to ask for another verification of the votes and attacked the governor and the secretary of state (Republicans) who ratified the result: to do everything to prevent their re-election. Today it’s up to the Michigan certify the success of the Democratic candidate, tomorrow will be the turn of Nevada. Always today all the counties of the Pennsylvania they will make their results official (there is no legal deadline for state ratification). On December 1, then, will come the turn of the Wisconsin.

In all states disputed Trump’s appeals against Bidenhave so far been rejected from the courts. In the national popular vote, the Democratic leader won over six million more votes than the president. According to the rules and practices of the great American democracy, the game for the White House should be over for some time. Today’s deadlines should be just another seal substantial while waiting for the official one: the choice of electors that the states will formalize between 8 and 14 December, the deadline for communicating the outcome of the elections to the Washington Congress. Ma Trump does not recognize the result of the vote not even beforeto the evidence and presses Republican governors and local parliaments not to formalize the results of the polls: we, as we have long feared, turns this post-election phase into a kind of slow-motion train wreck which causes enormous damage to US democratic institutions. Republicans, who could stop the runaway train, are paralyzed by fear of the president’s reprisals.

Eventually Trump will have to move, but he will leave rubble behind e will continue to influence American politics as the leader of an angry minority, convinced of having been defrauded, unwilling to dialogue. There Trump guerrilla (now many speak of coup logic) is divided into three levels: 1) appeals to court against the outcome of the polls; 2) pressure on local Republican leaders not to ratify the result of the elections as false, appointing, instead, Trumpian electors; 3) a pounding disinformation campaign in which there is talk of extensive fraud – from the cards rigged by some scrutineers to mysterious international communist conspiracies to make millions of votes disappear from electoral information systems – without ever proving anything: legally irrelevant but useful for fueling chaos and distrust.

In an extreme scenario, given that US laws do not contemplate the hypothesisof a president who refuses to leave the White House as the constituency system leaves room for litigation and appeals, Trump may even be able to subvert the result of the polls in a state. But not in all. Biden will still become president, but amid the bruises of another radicalization of the political conflict. Let’s see, state by state, what can happen.

Today the Michigan must certify the vote: if the two Republican representatives refuse to do so, Trump hopes the local parliament, with a right-wing majority, will take over. But its leaders, summoned to the White House Friday, do not intend to violate the will of the voters. Furthermore, Michigan law does not give Parliament powers in this area. There (Democratic) governor Gretchen Whitmer could require commissioners to respect the outcome of the polls and replace those who refuse to do so: Trump would not pass but would create a ‘enormous tension with Whitmer already severely contested (and threatened) for months. On the judicial level, of the six complaints presented by Trump, only one remains standing: it will end up in the Supreme Court of Michigan.

Always today in Pennsylvania the counties will certify their results and they will transfer them to the secretary of state: he will pass them on to governor Wolf (democratic like the secretary) who will appoint the electors based on the outcome of the polls. here theepicenter of legal battles unleashed by the team of Rudy Giuliani. Which has so far collected only defeats, including one in front of the Supreme Court, but judicial disputes continue.

Of the Georgia which has already ratified Biden but is moving towards a third recountwe said. In Wisconsininstead, Obama’s former deputy is expected to be proclaimed winner by Democratic Governor Tony Evers by December 1, but there may be one slip because on Friday began a recount asked by Trump: it will last 13 days. Finally the West: tomorrow the Nevada ratifies Biden’s sweeping victory but Trump can ask for a recount. In ArizonaInstead, confirmation for the Democratic leader should arrive on November 30, but there will be appeals. And the local powers (governor, parliament and the Supreme Court) are all in the hands of the Republicans

November 22, 2020 (change November 22, 2020 | 23:29)


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