Can the Smallpox Vaccine Prevent Monkeypox? This is the opinion of the experts

PR BEKASI – Now the world is shocked about the case of the outbreak monkey pox around the world, even the cases are increasing rapidly.

Like COVID-19, the disease can be prevented through vaccination, which raises the question of whether smallpox vaccine can prevent monkey pox?

The following are the opinions of experts who explain the effectiveness of smallpox vaccine to monkeypox or monkey poxas quoted from Antara News.

According to the Postgraduate Director of YARSI University, Prof. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, regarding effectiveness smallpox vaccine Therefore, three opinions are presented.

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The first opinion, a number of experts explain that the virus monkeypox it turns out that it is still the same genus as the cause of smallpox or smallpox.

Therefore, according to him, there is still a possibility smallpox vaccine can contribute to monkey pox at the moment.

“This is the basis of the opinion, that the vaccine that was given decades ago for smallpox, may still play a role in preventing smallpox monkey pox right now,” said Prof Tjandra.

Then, a second opinion was put forward by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is himself the Communicable Diseases Advisor to the United States Government.

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