Can the next-generation F1 engine exceed 2000 horsepower? Proposed by Gerhard Gerger[]

A former F1 driver said the next-generation F1 engine should be able to exceed 2000 horsepower.

It’s certain that F1 will use an “environmentally friendly” engine in 2025, but now it’s time to ponder the successor to the unpopular turbo hybrid, which has a complex structure and is efficient, but has an unattractive engine sound. It is in.

Former F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone has called for the F1 to go back to a time when the V8 engine was deafening, abolishing the current hybrid power unit.

“They should get rid of the now completely ridiculous engine. It’s a problem!” Bernie Ecclestone said. Motorsport Magazine Said in an interview.

“Find out the old naturally aspirated engines. Everyone has them. Costs will drop quickly and noise will come back. Use it for 5 years until the engine is resolved for the future. it can”

Former F1 driver Gerhard Berger also participated in the discussion of F1 engines.He is currently overseeing the next steps in the future for the German Touring Car Championship (DTM).

Asked what the next-generation F1 engine should be, Gerhard Berger mentioned the turbocharged engine of the 1980s, which produced 1500 horsepower.

“At that time, we were driving a 1500 horsepower machine with low safety standards,” said Gerhard Berger. Told to.

“Is there any reason why F1 can’t run a 2000 horsepower engine today?”

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