Can MGN-3 (“Biobran”) supplements inhibit cancer growth?

Badr El-Din NK, Ali DA, Othman R, French SW, Ghoneum M. (2020) Chemopreventive role of arabinoxilan rice bran, MGN-3 / Biobran, on liver carcinogenesis in rats. Biomed Pharmacother. 2020 Jun; 126: 110064.

Ooi, SL, McMullen, D., Golombick, T., Nut, D. and Pak, SC (2018). Evidence-based review of the BioBran / MGN-3 compound Arabinoxilan as a complementary therapy for conventional cancer treatment. Integrative oncological therapies, 17(2), 165–178.

Ooi, SL, Pak, SC, Micalos, PS, Schupfer, E., Lockley, C., Park, MH and Hwang, SJ (2021). The health-promoting properties and clinical applications of Shiitake enzyme-modified rice bran arabinoxylan: a narrative review. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 26(9), 2539.

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