Can diabetics eat rice? Discover the no-nonsense answer

After all, what can a person with diabetes eat? This is the question that every patient who suffers from the disease asks, since the restrictions are varied. Overall, diabetes requires limiting the sugar and carbohydrate intake.

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The problem is that most traditional meals have these types of nutrients in their composition. A super practical example is rice and beans, a favorite of Brazilians. Find out today if a diabetic can eat rice or not.

After all, can diabetics eat rice?

To understand if the diabetic patient is allowed to eat rice, it is necessary to know what this grain is about.

Rice is considered a simple carbohydrate, this in its white version is more common in the Brazilian menu. It is different when we analyze brown rice, which is rich in nutrients and has a more complex molecular structure. The release of carbohydrate in the body does not occur in the same way in both options.

People with diabetes can eat rice as long as it is in regulated amounts, without overdoing it. However, it is necessary to give preference to brown rice and eliminate other types of carbohydrate from the same dish. Just in case, always seek the advice of a nutritionist or specialist doctor.

Discreet symptoms that indicate diabetes:

Today, science considers that there are three types of diabetes: type 1, type 2 and gestational debates. In addition to these, there is also pre-diabetes, where patients almost always develop the disease and already need to start drug treatment. Check out the most discreet symptoms of the disease.

  1. Constant urge to urinate;
  2. Constant and insatiable thirst;
  3. persistent bad breath
  4. Blurry vision often;
  5. Extremities (hands and feet) are easily numb;
  6. Healing takes forever to complete;
  7. You are losing weight and do not understand why;
  8. Sleeps a lot, but is always tired.

Always look for a specialist doctor to perform the exams and start some treatment, if necessary. Be sure to make frequent annual consultations.

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