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Can Diabetes Patients Still Consume Sweet Foods?

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AYOBANDUNG.COM — Can diabetic patients consuming sweet food? Sweet food often considered an enemy diabetic patients mellitus.Sweet food also tend to be avoided for fear of making blood sugar levels rise.

But according to clinical nutrition specialist, dr. Ade Erni M. Nutrition. Sp.GK.,diabetic patients melitus is actually still allowed to consume sweet food.

Because after all, the human body still needs glucose contained in it sweet food.

“Cells in the body, such as nerve cells, child kidneys, then erythrocytes, really need glucose,” said doctor Ade in the webinat ‘Myth and Fact About Nutrition and Sport’, Sunday (11/22/2020).

According to Ade, if diabetic patients mellitus too limiting sugar intake often experience hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. In effect, the patient becomes limp.

“If a patient with diabetes experiences hypoglycemia and is conscious, the medicine is sweet. So that taboo is taken and eaten as long as the patient is conscious. Whatever it is, you want candy, sugar, bread,” he said.

However, what is often misunderstood by society is the difference between sweet food and carbohydrates.

Ade explained, carbohydrates can increase blood sugar. But carbohydrates are divided into complex and simplex carbohydrates.

It suggests diabetic patients you should eat complex carbohydrates that contain more fiber and nutrients such as rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cassava.

While simplex carbohydrates which comes from sugar should be limited intake per day.

To be clearer, Ade suggested that patients should consult their doctor regarding the 5 percent portion of sugar that can be consumed.

According to him, each person’s calorie needs must be different, depending on body weight, immunity, as well as physical activity.

Sweet food derived from sugar can still be given less than 5 percent of the person’s calorie needs. So you can still consume tea with regular sugar with a record of less than 5 percent. Even if it’s still permissible, you still have to take sugar or insulin drugs regularly. That controls the condition of blood sugar, “he concluded.

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