Can Arthritis Patients Do Sports?

Jakarta: Sports has various benefits for health. One of them is useful for someone who has arthritis.

In general, a person with arthritis avoids exercise. In fact, if done correctly, exercise can be beneficial for people with arthritis.

“If we already have arthritis, you should check with a doctor first to find out the level. Is it still early or already severe,” said dr. Edo Adimasta, Combiphar Medical Expert, at the Combiphar Virtual Media Briefing event.

After knowing the condition of arthritis experienced, dr. Edo suggests adjusting the exercise you do. Sports can indeed be done, by assessing what kind of condition he is in. So being able to do the appropriate movements, usually are movements that are low impact.

“Usually movement low impact is a movement in which our feet do not leave the floor. Like yoga, dancing but not that break dance, or swimming and cycling it can be done. Then also sports that don’t jump so that our feet don’t leave the floor,” said Dr. Edo.

Asep Azis, SST. Ft., a physiotherapist who is currently in charge of assisting the Indonesian national football team also explained. So when it comes to sports, the sport you do doesn’t mean you have to play sports like basketball and so on.

“And that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. You can, but the exercise is done gradually,” explained Asep.

“In addition, adjust it to our abilities and don’t forget to always follow the rules of the sport. Like warming up or warm up before exercise, cooling down or cooling down after exercise. And choose the right sport,” advised Asep.

According to him, for those who are overweight, it is better to reduce the amount of exercise they do high impact or who have to jump. Besides swimming, you can also do a stationary bike. It will make your joints better.

“If you lose weight, increase muscle strength, then increase the intensity of exercise slowly. One of them can do weightlifting,” concluded Asep.



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