Can a smoker’s lungs heal if they quit smoking?

Quitting smoking is the most important preventive act to reduce the risk of serious diseases, such as cancer or heart disease. But what happens to the lungs after you quit smoking?

Traditions to overcome

Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer, and it was established which can also increase the risk of serious conditions, such as heart disease and not only.

But do you know how the lungs of a smoker who consumes more than 20 cigarettes a day are? And by quitting smoking these “heal”?

To prove this, an American female doctor shared a few years ago on Facebook a video, in which he compares the functioning of a smoker’s lungs with that of a healthy person. In just two weeks, the video went viral, reaching 14 million views and more than 600,000 shares. The images in the video showed a healthy lung that was reddish and easily inflated, along with that of a smoker, which was black in color and had lost its elasticity and was barely inflating. The lung belonged to a smoker who had consumed a packet of tobacco a day for twenty years.

So, can a smoker’s lungs return to normal even after they quit smoking?

As demonstrated by a recent study quitting smoking will always remain the best choice, it is one of the most important preventive actions against lung cancer, and not only that, since in 9 cases out of 10 this form of cancer is caused by cigarette smoking.

Even a second study clearly demonstrated what happens to the lungs after giving up this bad habit; Indeed, as demonstrated:

  • after 8 hours: quitting smoking improves your oxygen flow, and within a few days you start to notice an improvement in your smell, taste or skin
  • after 12 hours: the body cleanses itself of excess carbon monoxide, returning levels to normal and increasing oxygen levels
  • after 24 hours: the risk of a heart attack begins to decrease. Blood pressure is lowered, reducing the risk of heart disease from smoking-induced hypertension
  • after 1 month: as the lungs heal and lung capacity improves, ex-smokers will notice less coughing and less difficulty breathing
  • after 9 months: the lungs can significantly heal, as well as the cilia, those delicate hair-like structures inside the lungs that help expel mucus and fight infection
  • after 5 years: arteries and blood vessels begin to dilate again, reducing the risk of stroke
  • after 10 years: the chances of developing and dying of lung cancer are about half those of those who continue to smoke.

So, in conclusion we can say that quitting smoking is the best choice we can make to protect our health.

The chances of dying from cancer or other diseases caused by smoking itself decrease drastically and, above all, lung health improves after just one year, and they can go back to how they were before.

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