Can a corona outbreak be attributed to the start of the academic year? KU Leuven rector Luc Sels: “No, but an additional risk factor”

“At the same time, a lot of other things happened in that period,” answers Van Ranst. “People come back from a trip, there is a certain corona fatigue, people respond to open letters … When you add all those factors together, you get this curve. It’s too easy to put on it. opening colleges and universities.”

Rector Sels also thinks it is incorrect to attribute the new wave of infections (solely) to the students. “Take Leuven for instance. Still the student city. The figures for Leuven and the local population are good in comparison with the other central cities, insofar as we may use that term in these times. The new grades have been received and they are far from alarming at the moment. The number of infections among our students remains low, since the beginning of the academic year we have 95 reported infections out of a total of 45,000 students.

“Attributing the increase to the opening of colleges and universities is not correct. It is an additional risk factor, a flare-up in Leuven as a result of the student circulation is an ongoing risk”, says Sels.

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