CAMPO brings to the newsstand a complete analysis of the challenges facing rainfed and irrigated land

FIELD arrives this week to the newsstands of Castilla y León with a complete study of the situation faced by crops, both rainfed and irrigated.

The common denominator this year is the lack of water, accompanied by soaring production costs, with none of them escaping this trend: from fertilizers and phytosanitary products to the cost of energy, that already triples its price in the ‘off-peak hours’.

Further complicates the picture russian aggression on ukraine, with a significant cost in lives and that has strangled trade relations with Eastern Europe.

Despite the panorama, CAMPO offers different positive looks about the sector, with the testimony of producers and technicians who have the tools to develop a more efficient and more competitive activity.

Much of this has been seen in the tenth edition of the Day of the Potato of CAMPO CyL in El Carpio (Valladolid), where different irrigation, sanitation and fertilization strategies have been deployed, and with a review of the activity launched by the Potato Interprofessional. There are many doors that open for an emblematic crop of Castilla y León, but always subject to multiple questions.

CAMPO also brings its readers practical advice on next sowings, from potatoes and beets to corn and sunflowers, a crop that is going to have a lot to say in the near future.

The publication also includes useful information on vineyard, cereal, technology or legislation, as a detailed analysis of the consequences that the new labour reform. You can access all this information on Sunday at the newsstand, but you can also subscribe at this link.

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