Campidoglio, endorsement of Grillo for the Raggi bis: “Daje”. The discontent of the M5s base: “And the limit of the two terms?”

“Daje”. With the expression of typical Roman incitement comes the endorsement of Beppe Grillo on the re-nomination of Virginia Raggi. The founder of the Movement in fact limits himself to publishing a post with a photo in which he embraces the mayor of Rome and without any other comments encourages her to run.

Grillo’s support comes after the embrace of the most loyal councilors and collaborators and the silence of the big 5S and most of the Roman pentastellate galaxy. The attacks of the center-right and the distancing of the Pd. Then the comments on social media, which the Grillini consider an infallible political thermometer.

The effects of the announcement of the re-nomination of Virginia Raggi travel on parallel but distinct channels: on the one hand the official declarations, on the other the satisfaction on the web. The weight, as often reiterated by the staff of the mayor with a million followers, is the same.

Here, then, are the first interventions on the Facebook profile of the tenant of the Campidoglio after the news of the encore, communicated Monday evening by the first town to its majority via videoconference. The fans celebrate, the Romans complain (more or less politely) about the results not achieved, while the pentastellato hard core recalls the dogmas of the Casaleggio Senior Movement. The base is not there, it wanted to be consulted and on the web it does nothing to hide its bad mood.

The theme of the limits of the two mandates is present on all 5-star pages. On that of the mayor, Enrico remembers her: “With the third term the 5S project definitively collapses, Casaleggio senior was prophetic”. The discussion ignites and bounces on the profiles of those who relaunched the Ray’s announcement. On that of the councilor for Sport, Daniele Frongia, it is the activists who make the loud voice. Amelia starts like this: “Two-term limit? I’m asking for a friend.” And then there is Valentina, a veteran of the grillina base: “Go ahead and do it yourself. The base and the municipal authorities don’t count for anything anymore. We look forward to seeing you for the next election campaign. Ciaone.” Emanuele would have advised more prudence: “Before making such an announcement, would it not be the case out of respect for all activists to ask for a passage on Rousseau? I would find him more elegant as well as less attackable, given the current rules in force”.

Returning to the page of the first town, there is then the clash between supporters and detractors. Salvatore quotes Tonino Guerra (“Optimism is the scent of life”) and then launches himself into the list of the evils of Rome: “In 10 months, the remaining ones, leaving aside the priorities of everyday life (waste, cleaning, weeds, decorum, transport and safety) everything can be done … with a magic wand. Congratulations, however, for your stubbornness “. Replicate the Giuseppe Conte Forever grill page, obviously pro Raggi: “Rome must be proud of this great mayor! All of Italy envies you”. It’s raining “like”, on both sides.

Then, beyond the network, there is the real world. Transport and the flambus, who arrived yesterday at 17 with the high temperature brace from Atac. Waste and Ama increasingly in the balance, with the latest budget approved in 2016. Finally, the mix of troubles that bounces between the center, desertified by Covid, and the periphery, in the throes of degradation. A set of problems on which the electoral campaign for the 2021 municipalities, which has now officially started, will be played out.

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