CAMP-MLPT Ice Cream Stock Drops, BRIS-MSIN Skyrockets!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Shariah banking shares of PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk (BRIS) and the shares of MNC Group PT MNC Studios International Tbk (MSIN) became top gainers on trading session I, Friday (25/6/2021).

Meanwhile, shares of ice cream producer PT Campina Ice Cream Industry Tbk (CAMP) and shares of technology issuer Lippo Group PT Multipolar Technology Tbk (MLPT) are the ‘losers’ this time.

The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) managed to rebound until this afternoon. JCI rose 0.74% to 6,056.798 at the close of the first trading session on Friday (25/6).

According to IDX data, there were 245 stocks rising, 229 stocks declining and 152 stocks stagnant, with a transaction value of Rp 5.50 trillion and a trading volume of 11.93 billion shares.

Foreign investors in the stock market entered the domestic market with a record foreign net buying of Rp 85.47 billion in the regular market. Meanwhile, foreigners recorded net sales in the negotiating market and cash market of Rp 106.69 billion.

Here are the top 5 stock gainers and losers of session I today (25/6).

Top Gainers

  1. Primarindo Asia Infrastructure (BIMA), shares +34.65%, to Rp 136, transaction Rp 13.2 M

  2. MNC Studios International (MSIN), +24.20%, to Rp. 195, transaction of Rp. 25.9 M

  3. Bank Syariah Indonesia (BRIS), +14.49%, to Rp 1,975, transaction Rp 270.3 M

  4. Selaras Citra Nusantara Perkasa (SCNP), +14.22%, to Rp 530, transaction Rp 35.3 M

  5. Bank Rakyat Indonesia Agroniaga (AGRO), +12.20%, to Rp 1,655, transaction Rp 264.2 M

Top Losers

  1. Campina Ice Cream Industry (CAMP), shares -6.94%, to Rp 268, transaction Rp 6.9 M

  2. Multipolar Technology (MLPT), -6.92%, to Rp 4,980, transaction Rp 41.2 M

  3. Jasnita Telekomindo (JAST), -6.41%, to Rp 146, transaction Rp 9.0 M

  4. Sat Nusapersada (PTSN), -6.06%, to IDR 310, transaction IDR 17.7 M

  5. Yelooo Integra Datanet (YELO), -5.88%, to Rp 144, transaction Rp 4.7 M

MSIN’s shares jumped 24.20% to Rp 195/share, after being closed the previous 2 days stagnant. With this increase, in a week MSIN shares soared 20.37%, while in a month it rose 17.47%.

In addition to MSIN’s shares, BRIS’s shares also rose 14.49% to a position of Rp 1,975/share as there was a net buying action by foreigners of Rp 13.67 billion. This stock managed to rebound from the weakening for 2 consecutive days. With this, BRIS shares jumped 11.90% in a week.

In contrast, CAMP shares fell to the lower auto rejection limit (ARB) of 6.94% to Rp 268/share. Market participants seem to have started to take profit after Thursday (24/6) yesterday this stock shot 12.50%.

Together with CAMP, MLPT’s shares also fell to ARB 6.92% to Rp 4,980/share. The decline in MLPT shares occurred after the IDX reopened the suspension (temporary trading) this stock started trading session I this morning.

Previously, the stock exchange ‘locked’ the shares of a subsidiary of PT Multipolar Tbk (MLPL) last Thursday (17/6) in the regular market and cash market due to a significant increase in the cumulative price of these shares.

In the past month, the shares in the technology sector index (IDXTECHNO) managed to soar as high as 273.03% this month, stung by positive sentiment from other technology sector stocks, such as shares of listed companies data center owned by Toto Sugiri PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (DCII).


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