Camille Dhont about the outfit that took TikTok offline: “Being the thirteenth in a dozen is not for me” | Showbiz

Yes, she is still only 19, but she is already an adult. And she had the full approval of her parents to catch that video clip in a bathing suit and show a bare glimpse of her legs. Nothing wrong with that, because a girl is no longer allowed to wear a bathing suit, then? Clearly not, according to TikTok. The online platform, on which millions of videos are posted worldwide, intervened when Camille posted a fragment from behind the scenes to her video clip. “I was in shock, I would have violated the rules with ‘too much naked’. While there are much worse videos on TikTok,” she responds. “In the end it’s just a bathing suit, huh. Isn’t a girl allowed to wear it anymore? I even wear a T-shirt above it. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?”

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