Camille Cerf advocates the natural and clash “the buttocks XXL” of a famous star

We know it, Camille Cerf is very close to his community. And even more since the start of containment. Malicious, she does not hesitate from time to time to be joking. This was the case this Thursday, April 23, 2020. The pretty 25 year old blonde posted a photo of her, supposed to reveal its concrete abs. If it ensures thanks to hashtags that the cliché is 100% natural, it is nothing in reality. But against all odds, his fans were very easily tricked.

Faced with the many messages impressed by its retouched silhouette, the old Miss France took the floor to correct the situation. “This morning I posted the photo of myself with fake abs, a photoshopped photo. Let me explain the story, my best friend Kev ‘discovered an application to create abs and he had fun doing it on me. And I said to myself ‘too funny, I have to post it too much’, because it’s so obvious that nobody is going to believe it.“Except that quite the opposite happened and”a large part of people believed it“, she is still astonished. A result which made her aware of the place of the image of bodies in our current society.”People are so confronted with retouching, with filters that, in fact, they don’t realize there are so many of them everywhere. And I find that phew because it means that today our vision of reality, and ultimately of beauty, is completely biased. Whether by photo retouching or surgical retouching …“, she realizes puzzled.

It was my little rant

Camille Cerf then relies on personalities well known to the general public for having used surgery again and again to be heard. “I am shocked that girls like Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid… may be today beauty icons! I find them too beautiful, but hey they did not look like that“, she recalls.

And to continue by praising her beauty queen friends: “Today, when I look at all the miss France, who all have different physique, I tell myself that this is the kind of woman that we should take as a model Kylie jenner who has XXL breasts and buttocks or Kendall which is getting thinner over time … In the end, that’s not the truth. In short, it was my little rant. But in reality I am not pissed eh“And it is true that when we come across the recent photos of Travis Scott’s ex Natural, the change is striking

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