Camilla will soon inherit this priceless crown from the Queen Mother: “Value of around 10 billion” | Royalty

RoyaltyQueen Elizabeth II (95) has spoken: Camilla (74), the wife of her eldest son Charles, may soon go through life as queen. According to the current Queen, that is “her greatest wish”. The title comes with a lot of privileges, such as a very expensive crown.

According to insiders, Camilla will soon receive a very impressive crown, which she will inherit from the Queen Mother – Elizabeth’s mother. The crown was a gift the latter received at George VI’s coronation in 1937.

The headpiece contains no fewer than 2,800 diamonds, including the priceless Koh-i-noor diamond, of 105 carats. It has been in the possession of the British Royal Family since 1856. Queen Victoria received it from the Turkish sultan, as a thank you for British support during wartime. That diamond alone is worth about 140 million euros. In total, all diamonds processed in the crown together would have a value of around 10 billion euros.

Camilla will be crowned the moment her husband Charles takes the throne. “This was very important to Charles that his wife would become queen,” said an insider. “Behind the scenes it was already decided, but they were looking for the perfect moment to announce it. Not everyone will agree to this. But Queen Elizabeth believes Camilla has deserved the job, having served the monarchy for decades. So it makes sense that she should get the title that comes with her job.”

The crown in question, with the Koh-i-noor diamond, was also on the Queen Mother’s coffin. © ASSOCIATED PRESS


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